Monday, May 24, 2010

FATC NYC review

New York City... I certainly didn't sleep much at this event. It was Elad Elrom's first conference. I knew it was going to be over the top and different right from the start. He did an incredible job promoting and marketing. Something I hope other conferences learn from. The line up of speakers were also very incredible... Its the most speakers from Adobe to one event besides MAX that I've ever seen.

New York is just one of those places that no one dared to go have an event because of the expense. Elad certain knew his way around and tried to accommodate everyone's desire to experience the city and save their wallets.

It started with pre-conference classes and an introduction to the venue. At first I thought I was in a night club (no windows), then I thought I was on board the Voyager. Its always nice to see something other than a hotel nonetheless. I imagine Elad didn't realize how many sponsors were excited to exhibit because we packed that hallway! Maybe a larger venue next year.

And like every event in the morning, attendees rushed to the door to grab a seat at the keynote. Bippity boppity boo and somehow we all got in to witness one of the most interesting keynotes by an event this size I've ever seen. Doug Winnie, Kevin Hoyt, and Paul Trani did a great job on the Adobe Messaging and Demonstrations of Flash and Air across multiple platforms.

The entertainment value was very high. There was a little break dancing, a little music, and a funny video.

Later in the day Duane Nickull did an awesome performance with his band, 22nd Century. Kevin and I are big fans!

I handed out some swag and raffled some prizes like every event but I had more conversation with attendees than ever before. And Of course the Adobe Newspaper Ad went out just the day before so the conversation was buzzing about Flash, Marketing, and "Choice". And my thoughts on the ad are positive and have mostly to do with sitting on the plane that morning from DC to NYC and seeing the guy next to me open his newspaper and reading the ad. Some random guy who wasn't a developer now knew a little more about Adobe and what we stand for.

I thoroughly enjoyed the cruise. I even got to hand out one of the Awards. I've been going to NYC since I was little and have never seen the city like this before. Best thing ever was that my best pal Nafisa came to the event. It was such a blast to have her there.

So I commend Elad for taking on the event. It was very complex and at times too complex for it being this event's first time but everyone survived. His right hand man, @joseeight impressed me as well. I appreciate his level-headedness through the event and jumping in everywhere he was needed. There are somethings you can't predict without experience. So maybe Elad takes on a partner or maybe scales back a little, either way I know he'll keep it going.

Congrats and hope to see everyone at FATC next year!