Thursday, December 10, 2009

Event Spotlight: Flash and the City

Adobe sponsors community run events all over the world. Here is a spotlight on one of those events.

Here is my interview with Elad Elrom from Flash and the City.

Liz: When is your event?
Elad: May 13 we will have two workshops one that covers Mobile development and one workshop that covers ActionScript and Flex.
The actual conference will be a three day event from May 13 till May 16.

Liz: What city is the event held and what so great about it?
Elad: FlashAndTheCity will take place in a different and dynamic environment called “3LD Art Technology Center” located in downtown Manhattan. 3LD Art Technology Center located in downtown Manhattan at 80 Greenwich St. between Rector and Edgar Streets. The decision to host the event in an technology center will support the artists and their vision. 3LD Art and Technology Center is a community-oriented and artist-run production development studio. They offer artists a unique experience with specialized equipment.

Liz: What makes your event unique?
Elad: What makes this event truly unique is the community-driven speaker lineup. The community looks to the Flash and the City speakers as the leaders in their respective fields. The presenters are without a doubt, the most influential writers, architects, and user experience designers in the world. The list consists of over 40 of the most widely sought-after speakers and writers in the Flash, Flex, LiveCycle, ColdFusion, and Mobile development worlds. Many of them have shaped the technology, tools, and industries we work in today, and simply cannot be found together at any other conference.

Flash and the City is primed to redefine the way we think about conferences in the future. "Out of the box" and "Flash and the City" are not marketing terms, but descriptions of how the event is designed. Flash and the City is offering attendees a one-of-a-kind opportunity: to be a part of incredible sessions on location at world-famous sites throughout the city! That's right, the "City Track" sessions of FATC are going to be held at timeless New York City landmarks! Never before have conference attendees had the chance to explore the host city and take in a session from such an elite collection of speakers.

However, the venue for our on-site sessions is one of a kind. We're holding the ActionScript/Flex, Mobile, Technology, and Inspiration track sessions at the 3-Legged Dog (3LD) Technology Center and Theatre. Much like the Flash community, this “quintessentially hip location" embodies the marriage of artistic creativity and technological ingenuity. The 3LD is a cutting-edge space designed to facilitate the production of new media and large-scale experimental artwork. It's exactly the type of environment that is conducive to the passion and inspiration found only during Flash and the City.

Accommodations for Flash and the City will continue the first-class theme of the conference. FATC attendees and speakers will call the luxurious Millennium Hilton home during their stay. The hotel is located in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan, just minutes from Wall Street, Greenwich Village, SoHo, Tribeca, Battery Park and the South Street Seaport. Only the finest for the Flash community!

We're also establishing some recognition during the conference in something we call the "Statue of Liberty award." This award is being presented to the local agency that has best represented New York City this year. Some of the top creative agencies in the world are based in NYC.

There has never been an event that has offered half of what Flash and the City has prepared. The speaker lineup is unrivaled, the city track is a completely new conference format, and the extra-curricular activities will be an unforgettably fantastic time! It is simply a NO-BRAINER to get your ticket before January 1 for $99. Start planning now for Flash and the City, May 14-17, 2010!

Liz: How much does it cost?
Elad: The cost from now until the end of the year is only $99 and the price goes up to $299 or $249 for students.

Liz: What are some of the things people have said about the event?
Elad: Here are some quotes

"Just got my early bird ticket to #FlashAndTheCity. You should too - bargain for a multi-day conference & awesome speaker lineup!"

"Amazing lineup of "A" list speakers and awesome networking events, can't wait!"

"People who don't buy FlashAndTheCity tickets before New Year are stupid"

Liz: Can you tell us about some of your speakers?
Duane Nickull
Doug Winnie
Scott Janousek
Ryan Stewart
Stacey Mulcahy
Grant Skinner
Lee Brimelow
Jesse Warden
Peter Elst
Seb Lee-Delisie
Phillip Kerman
Adam Lehman
Kevin Hoyt

See full list of speakers on

Liz: Anything special happening this year?
Elad: What would an exciting Flash conference be without a rocking after party? Thankfully, we have Adobe Senior Technical Evangelist, and Flash And the City speaker Duane Nickull with his band, 22nd Century, to play the soundtrack to this spectacular event!

On Saturday night, we'll cruise along the Hudson River, taking in the stunning New York City skyline from the view of the Temptress yacht! After a full meal and drinks, attendees have yet another way to mingle with the speakers, and experience the Big Apple from a unique and memorable perspective.

Once Flash and the City has wrapped up, and everyone has begun planning their attendance for 2011, we'll spend Sunday relaxing in Brooklyn thanks to FATC speaker Jesse Freeman, aka TheFlashBum.

Liz: Who are the organizers?
Elad Elrom is the main organizer of FlashAndTheCity

Additionally, contribution are made by the following individuals:
Jesse Freeman - helping with the city track and conference committee
Jose Antonio - branding and marketing as well as conference committee
Kevin Suttle - marketing as well as conference committee

Liz: How can we follow the event? (twitter, blog, website, newsletter, etc.)

Liz: This looks like a great event. I'll be there along with several of the Adobe community. Elad just put a new splash page and I'm guessing just from this that the new site and event is going to blow our minds. Can't wait. And for this price I think this event will be a sell out!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Event Spotlight: 360|Flex

Adobe sponsors community run events all over the world. Here is a spotlight on one of those events.

Here is my interview with John Wilker from 360|Flex

Liz: When is your event?
John: March 7-10, 2010

Liz: What city is the event held and what so great about it?
John: San Jose CA. It's the home of Adobe, and the Silicon Valley. No great concentration of geek and nerd kind available.

Liz: What makes your event unique?
John: Only event completely, 100% no doubt about it, focused on Flex/AIR and ActionScript.

Liz: How much does it cost?
John: $599

Liz: What are some of the things people have said about the event?
John: Here are a few quotes.

"Two of our team attended 360 events last year (both San Jose and Seattle), and we are bringing 4 this year, as you guys by far have the best Flex conference, and you are a real bargin compared to the other guys... looking forward to it!"

"Here’s what I love about the 360Flex conferences: even if you didn’t attend a single session it’s worth the time and money to attend. The conversations with other developers in the hallways, at lunch/dinner, at the bars in the evenings is just as educational and of course more fun"

"So do yourself a favor and head to 360Flex in February. Whether you’re a Flex n00b, novice or ninja it will be worth your time and your career will probably thank you for it."

Liz: Can you tell us about some of your speakers?
John: We've got 40 of the best developers in the community including Adobe engineers.
Deepa Subramanian, Michael Labriola, Ben Stucki, Tom Gonzalez, Andrew Powell, the list goes on.

Liz: Anything special happening this year?
John: Oh yeah San Jose is gonna be awesome because - beep - beep - and - beep - beep - beep -

Liz: Who are the organizers?
John: 360|Conferences AKA John and Nicole Wilker and Tom Ortega

Liz: How can we follow the event?
John: Twitter @360flex
You can sign up for the newsletter on the website.

Liz: Well it sounds like a great event. I hope everyone decides to go! Sign up today!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Need Speakers for TechWeds

Hello Adobe community leaders!

Did you know Adobe has an online training session every Wednesday from 1pm-2pm (Eastern)?

How would you like to learn from an Adobe specialist or another community expert and ask questions live?

How would you like to share your knowledge, tips, and recommendations for using Adobe products?

If you belong to the Community Experts or User Group Managers program, TechWeds is where it is at!

These session are general-intermediate content only.

If you are interested in presenting or suggesting a topic, please fill out the survey.

The calendar for 2010 TechWeds can be found on the Community Manager's page.