Tuesday, July 13, 2010

CFUnited in 15 days!

I should be in a complete panic right now!
Badges, Food orders, Schedule changes, Signage, Booths, Registrations, Entertainment, Hotel rooms, swag orders, etc etc etc

I'm getting that same anxiety that happens when it is time for finals, but I already graduated. I don't have to put on the super hero cape this summer but I'm still so excited all the same.

I plan to help Cara on-site if she really needs it. Mainly I'm there as support and a cheerleader. She did it for me the past few years and I'll be there to let her vent as well. She said she'll probably strap a walky talky to me but I know she can handle it.

Dear CFUnited attendees,
Tip 1: Let the small things slide.
Tip 2: Get there early on Day 1. The quicker they plow through check ins, the better. Or just show up the night before for check in.
Tip 3: Have your schedule figured out and identify which rooms you are going to. It helps so that you aren't the one in the hallway asking "where am I going?" If you are that person, step to the right so others can fly by you.
Tip 4: Behave... err.. nevermind... This is CFUnited! Have fun but be safe!
Tip 5: Make sure you double check your transportation.
Tip 6: Know that you'll be leaving with at least 1 extra t-shirt.
Tip 7: Pack for hot weather and don't forget your bathing suit! Bring the bug spray and sun screen.
Tip 8: Cara, Tara, Nafisa, and I love to get flowers. just saying...
Tip 9: Follow #cfunited and @cfunited and follow me @lizign for pics, stories, and more!
Tip 10: I'll be at the Adobe Community booth with Aaron Houston! Come say hello, I have gifts!!

Here are some behind the scenes pics for your enjoyment! source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nafisa13/sets/72157605817237071/