Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Star Wars Raffle at Adobe MAX

Adobe MAX is fast approaching!

What do you think about when you think of MAX? Community? Free Stuff? Seeing cool new apps? Sharing information?

I want to announce a raffle being held at MAX in the Community Pavilion. The Adobe Developer Connection (ADC) team will be in the Community Lounge showing off the new version of the Adobe Cookbook application that was announced last week.

If you are attending MAX, stop by the Community Lounge and show off your cookbook recipe to the ADC team. If you have a new idea for a recipe and are new to the Cookbook application, they can show you how to get started posting.

After you show us your entry, you will be entered into a ThinkGeek Star Wars gift RAFFLE. We have some cool stuff to give away. Winners will be drawn at 1pm on Tuesday and will be posted in the Community Lounge until the end of the day. Winners will be announced via twitter as well (@esulliva).

Start posting your Recipes today! http://cookbooks.adobe.com/

List of some of the prizes:

Thanks Ray Camden for the awesome idea and Thanks ThinkGeek for the prizes!

Did you know that Mark Hamill (AKA Luke Skywalker) is scheduled to co-host the Adobe MAX Awards on Tuesday? It's true!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

What I love most at Adobe MAX

The stars! The lights! The entertainment!
I'm not talking about LA... I'm talking about Adobe MAX!

I love it when I first walk into the conference center grabbing my badge and swag, and I feel like I've just been admitted entrance in to the most exclusive party in the world. Everyone around me has the same bright-eyed look on their faces. Did I mention you get a t-shirt? Its the symbol of this great moment and I get to wear it proudly after this day. By the time I get my swag the night before the big day, I've already twittered my arrival and called all my friends to meet me at the local bar. Its hugs and lots of stories to catch up on.

Side note: Don't forget business cards! I never bring enough. Also, I've noticed that I hold on to the cards that look the coolest. I don't know why, I just do. I hope if you have a cool looking business card, you'll hand one to me. ;-)

Do you know that fuzzy feeling you get when your favorite show is about to start? Times that by a hundred. That's the feeling I get when I'm waiting with thousands of other people outside the main entrance to the Keynote. My thought process: "Oh my... here we go! [everyone rushes like sardines into the room] Wow it is dark in here. [loud music comes on] I CAN'T HEAR MYSELF THINK!! AWESOME!! Oh wow, look, there's Ray, Ben, Adam and all my favorites."
I find a seat in the middle as close as possible for one reason only... to get a close look at Kevin Lynch! He's so fantastic on stage. Sigh. But first, the intro begins and its like watching a hundred dolphins in synchronized jumps. Fantastic. The keynotes never disappoint me. I never know what to twitter or if I should just keep it all to myself.

Sessions = great speakers and lots of choices. (love love the unconferences too)
I will be taking Intro to CF and learn tons of stuff in photoshop and other hands-on classes.

Food = I barely have time to eat! Good thing there are food/snacks/drinks often!

AV/Technology = A+++++

Evening events = let me elaborate

Ben tells us to expect this year's special event to be extremely exciting. At first, I was like "huh?" a museum and bowling? This is what you came up with? But then I took a closer look. First all, I'm thrilled there aren't any buses. We are already in an awesome city. Second, FREE FREE FREE. When do I get to do these things in my life time?? Check out these sites to see what I'm talking about. Basically I'm going to shake it up at the conga lounge, bowl a 250, and go hang with the King of Pop. Should I wear my red carpet gown? I hope the paparazzi don't follow me! LMAO I can't wait! I'm predicting it to be the best evening event of the decade!



When you go to any event, it is about experience. When I did CFUnited, I concentrated on a series of events and activities in a specific order. MAX does the same but in an overwhelming way that I could never pass up. It keeps me going all year long. I love meeting so many new people and learning so many new things. If I am designing and developing in Adobe Products, why wouldn't I go? It is my past, present, and future.

Granted, I'm obligated to go this year because of my new position (a super plus!). But I'm still looking forward to the experience. I've been going to MAX every year for 4 years. And the reason I'm sharing this with you is because if one person decides to attend from reading this blog entry, then I feel great. This is your career. These are your people. This is your moment.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Excited to Join Adobe

Hello CFUnited alumni and fans! CFUnited 2009 was amazing and I encourage everyone to register for 2010.

I recently accepted a position with the Developer Relations team at Adobe to become a Community Manager. I’m excited for the opportunity to continue working with the community and support the vision of my team: Rachel Luxemburg, John Koch, John Dowdell, and Stacy Sison.

As for CFUnited, I’ve been added as an Advisory Member. Thank you Stellr! The Stellr team and its newest list of advisers are committed more than ever to putting together an amazing event in 2010. I am confident that the practices and procedures I put in place for CFUnited will be followed and continuously improved by the Stellr team. They are passionate about this growing adventure and excited about their new advisory team.

CFUnited was created for the community. No matter who is in the driver’s seat, the conference follows a plan set by its community and suggestions. I trust that Stellr team will do the right thing.

I believe attending events and organizing them is something every community member should experience at some point in time. You learn great things about your peers and you gain a broader perspective of the industry. CFUnited is a success because it listens to the feedback and encourages those who are passionate about what they do.

My final advice before jumping to the mother-ship…

I believe this is one of the strongest communities in IT. Get those User Groups started again and volunteer your time to present. I support everyone to carry out your vision to bring people together and aim high in the future. And remember that I’m not going anywhere, I’m here to connect with you and build a stronger relationship.

Please come by the Adobe Community Lounge at MAX and say “Hi” to me and let’s talk serious!