Tuesday, July 13, 2010

CFUnited in 15 days!

I should be in a complete panic right now!
Badges, Food orders, Schedule changes, Signage, Booths, Registrations, Entertainment, Hotel rooms, swag orders, etc etc etc

I'm getting that same anxiety that happens when it is time for finals, but I already graduated. I don't have to put on the super hero cape this summer but I'm still so excited all the same.

I plan to help Cara on-site if she really needs it. Mainly I'm there as support and a cheerleader. She did it for me the past few years and I'll be there to let her vent as well. She said she'll probably strap a walky talky to me but I know she can handle it.

Dear CFUnited attendees,
Tip 1: Let the small things slide.
Tip 2: Get there early on Day 1. The quicker they plow through check ins, the better. Or just show up the night before for check in.
Tip 3: Have your schedule figured out and identify which rooms you are going to. It helps so that you aren't the one in the hallway asking "where am I going?" If you are that person, step to the right so others can fly by you.
Tip 4: Behave... err.. nevermind... This is CFUnited! Have fun but be safe!
Tip 5: Make sure you double check your transportation.
Tip 6: Know that you'll be leaving with at least 1 extra t-shirt.
Tip 7: Pack for hot weather and don't forget your bathing suit! Bring the bug spray and sun screen.
Tip 8: Cara, Tara, Nafisa, and I love to get flowers. just saying...
Tip 9: Follow #cfunited and @cfunited and follow me @lizign for pics, stories, and more!
Tip 10: I'll be at the Adobe Community booth with Aaron Houston! Come say hello, I have gifts!!

Here are some behind the scenes pics for your enjoyment! source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nafisa13/sets/72157605817237071/

Friday, June 4, 2010

Flashbelt is almost here!!

I'm here today with Dave Schroeder, organizer of the Flashbelt event in Minneapolis!

Liz: When and where is the event?
For the last 7 years June in Minnesota has meant one thing to interactive designers and developers: Flashbelt. The 4 Day conference takes place again this coming June 13-16th. It's held in a hotel on the edge of downtown Minneapolis in the vibrant West Bank Arts Quarter.

On the 13th, we have four pre-conference workshops - Flash CS5 For Mobile Devices, Programming Flash Games, Learning Actionscript 3, and Flash Kickstart 101. Then for the 14-16th we run 14 sessions/day split into 3 tracks; Design, Develop & Engage.

Liz: What kind of topics do you have?
As the name Flashbelt implies the content is centered around working with the Flash Platform & related tools and with the release of Flash CS5 comes a load of new features to talk about. Flashbelt is the place to learn first and firsthand about them all. This year's sessions will cover web design, web development, user engagement, motion graphics, physical computing, dynamic content, data visualization, augmented reality, video, mobile application development, the recently released Adobe Flash CS5, ActionScript 3, AIR, Flash Media Server, Flash Player 10.1, Papervision3D, Processing, and OpenFrameworks. Workshops include Learning Actionscript 3, Developing Flash Applications for Mobile Devices, and Programming Flash Games, and an Introduction the Flash for the great many designers out there who need to get into the interactive realm.

As a conference we want to do two things for attendees; Increase their skill set by teaching tangible things, and ignite their creativity by showing them inspiring work by inspiring people. Year after year attendees rave about how excited they are to get back to work and make something awesome.

Liz: What makes this event unique?
The atmosphere is amazing. We keep it small to keep it personable, limiting attendance to just 400 attendees. With 40 speakers and 400 attendees people really get the chance to meet and talk and make connections. They make friends or they figure solutions to someone's problems. The after parties aren't loud dance clubs, but smaller neighborhood bars where people can continue to talk tech and have some fun. And the speakers I'm able to persuade to be a part of the conference never cease to amaze me. They're doing amazing work, they take the time to put together a great presentation and travel to Minneapolis. They deliver a great talk and then continue the conversation with the rest of the attendees throughout the event. They're all incredibly smart, and very nice. There's just a overall good "vibe" at the conference. And also, for what it's worth, it's also less expensive than similar events, so it's a bit more accessible in that respect.

Liz:How can the public stay up to date about upcoming news and information about FlashBelt?
They can opt in to our email list via http://www.flashbelt.com, or find us on facebook and twitter.

Monday, May 24, 2010

FATC NYC review

New York City... I certainly didn't sleep much at this event. It was Elad Elrom's first conference. I knew it was going to be over the top and different right from the start. He did an incredible job promoting and marketing. Something I hope other conferences learn from. The line up of speakers were also very incredible... Its the most speakers from Adobe to one event besides MAX that I've ever seen.

New York is just one of those places that no one dared to go have an event because of the expense. Elad certain knew his way around and tried to accommodate everyone's desire to experience the city and save their wallets.

It started with pre-conference classes and an introduction to the venue. At first I thought I was in a night club (no windows), then I thought I was on board the Voyager. Its always nice to see something other than a hotel nonetheless. I imagine Elad didn't realize how many sponsors were excited to exhibit because we packed that hallway! Maybe a larger venue next year.

And like every event in the morning, attendees rushed to the door to grab a seat at the keynote. Bippity boppity boo and somehow we all got in to witness one of the most interesting keynotes by an event this size I've ever seen. Doug Winnie, Kevin Hoyt, and Paul Trani did a great job on the Adobe Messaging and Demonstrations of Flash and Air across multiple platforms.

The entertainment value was very high. There was a little break dancing, a little music, and a funny video.

Later in the day Duane Nickull did an awesome performance with his band, 22nd Century. Kevin and I are big fans!

I handed out some swag and raffled some prizes like every event but I had more conversation with attendees than ever before. And Of course the Adobe Newspaper Ad went out just the day before so the conversation was buzzing about Flash, Marketing, and "Choice". And my thoughts on the ad are positive and have mostly to do with sitting on the plane that morning from DC to NYC and seeing the guy next to me open his newspaper and reading the ad. Some random guy who wasn't a developer now knew a little more about Adobe and what we stand for.

I thoroughly enjoyed the cruise. I even got to hand out one of the Awards. I've been going to NYC since I was little and have never seen the city like this before. Best thing ever was that my best pal Nafisa came to the event. It was such a blast to have her there.

So I commend Elad for taking on the event. It was very complex and at times too complex for it being this event's first time but everyone survived. His right hand man, @joseeight impressed me as well. I appreciate his level-headedness through the event and jumping in everywhere he was needed. There are somethings you can't predict without experience. So maybe Elad takes on a partner or maybe scales back a little, either way I know he'll keep it going.

Congrats and hope to see everyone at FATC next year! http://flashandthecity.com

Thursday, April 1, 2010

12 cities, 12 days, 12 copies of CS5

Adobe is dropping 12 copies of CS5 in different cities (based on what was legally possible).
Go to a location that @creativesuite announces each day and checkin to the location using Gowalla.

April 1st was The Blue Bottle Cafe in San Francisco.
April 2nd is somewhere!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ACPs know something you don't know!

Follow what the Adobe Community Professionals have to say on Twitter #adobeCP #csbuzz to find out! What will they tell you? When will they tell you? Who knows!

You've probably seen some of this at SXSW and on Twitter recently but what is really going on?

I guarantee you something is coming soon! http://csbuzz.adobe.com/

*Who's in these photos? http://www.adobe.com/communities/professionals/
James Lockman, Liz Frederick, Marlon Ceballos, April Clark, Peter Andreas Moelgaard, Andrea Trento, Jean-Claude Tremblay, Stephanie Sullivan, Steve Howard, Edgar Parrada, Kevin Stohlmeyer, George Iosif, Kajorn Bhirakit, Dee Sadler

Monday, March 22, 2010

Flex 4, Flash Builder, ColdFusion Builder Released

So exciting! These AMAZING products are here!


Flash Builder 4 free for Students: http://freeriatools.adobe.com

ColdFusion Builder Video:http://www.adobe.com/devnet/coldfusion/articles/cf9_cfbuilder_videos/bforta_02.html

The Official Flex Team Blog


Here is an Adobe blog aggregator for learning tools, tips, announcement info, etc.

Video about Flash Builder from Developers

Try Flash Builder Now! http://www.adobe.com/go/try_flashbuilder

Flex.org is a great learning resource and has a showcase of what's possible http://flex.org

ColdFusion Builder FAQ http://www.adobe.com/products/coldfusion/cfbuilder/faq/

Interview with Dave Gruber from Fusion Authority (Answers the question "How Much?")

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Event Spotlight: Capital Flash Camp

Spotlight Interview: Capital Flash Camp

We are here with Andrew Powell from Universal Mind to talk about UM’s series fo Flash Camps nation wide. Today we are talking about the Flash Camp coming to Washington DC on April 16th, 2010.

Liz: I’m very excited about this event, especially because DC is home to me. But I’d like to know why UM decided to host this event here.

Andy: A few reasons. First, we know that Adobe has a strong presence here in the DC area. Along with that strong presence is a strong community around the Flash Platform. We figured that those two things would combine to make this a prime location to host a Flash Camp. Secondly, we've felt that there is a real void in servicing the flex community in the DC area. Lately, there haven't been very many events in the local area catering to and just focusing on people building for the Flash Platform. Universal Mind thinks that DC is primed and ready for a great event that will bring the Flex community in the DC area together. Bringing the community together is precisely the goal we have in mind when we put on a Flash Camp event.

Liz: When is the event and how much does it cost?

Andy: The event is April 16th at the Navy Heritage Center (located at the Archives/Navy Memorial metro stop). The cost of admission varies. If you register yourself online now, the cost is $54.99, day of registration is $59.99. If you're bringing multiple members of your team (at least 3), we'll drop the admission price to $44.99 per person. We think that this price is really a bargain for the amount of content that is delivered. We're giving you 8 sessions that are from industry experts you would see at other high-end conferences. It's really a value that we think is hard to pass up.

Liz: What kind of topics can attendees look forward to?

Andy: The topics we have range from entry-level Flex topics to User Experience topics that are non-technical. Our goal in creating the schedule is to make sure we have something for everyone. A developer can take just as much away from these events as a manager can take away, but at the end of the day, neither will feel short-changed. We also strive to have a good balance of local speakers and speakers that are brought in from outside the community. We feel this gives attendees the opportunity to connect with local resources as well as see some speakers and topics that they would not normally get a chance to see.

Liz: I’m looking forward to it and I imagine we’ll do some Capital Bar hopping afterwards as well?

Andy: Actually, one of the best parts of the Flash Camp events we've hosted in the past is the networking that occurs afterwards. We've actually seen people get hired by local firms from the networking that has occurred after the events. So it's fun and beneficial!

To follow this event, go to: http://www.capitalflashcamp.com

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Event Spotlight: cf.Objective() Pre-conference Workshops

Liz: When is this event?
The pre-conference workshops run on the two days leading up to
cf.Objective(), namely April 20 - 21, 2010.

Liz: What makes your event unique?
There has been a long-standing tradition of offering training prior to cf.Objective(), but never before have so many options been made available. This year there are six workshops covering such diverse topics as ColdFusion's new ORM features, Web application security, MVC frameworks, Flex/AIR development and Mura CMS. These workshops are being led by
leaders in the ColdFusion community, many of whom are authors of and contributors to major ColdFusion open source projects.

Liz: How much does it cost?
Each workshop is priced uniquely. Cost information is provided with each course's description. Please note that some courses had an early-bird discount which has now been turned into a permanent discount.

Liz: Can you tell us about your speakers and sessions?
Here is a brief summary of each session:


Developing Applications with ColdFusion 9 Object Relational Mapping
with Mark Mandel and Bob Silverberg

This comprehensive two-day workshop will cover what you need to know to get up and running using ColdFusion 9's ORM features in your next project. Through interactive learning and hands-on labs, we'll start with the basics, continuing through building two complete working applications. Along the way we'll discuss best practices and potential pitfalls of this powerful new technology. The majority of the class will be spent with you writing code on your own workstation, so not only will you absorb more through "learning by doing", but you'll also go home with plenty of working code examples that you can bring into your future projects.

For more details, visit www.ColdFusionOrmTraining.com

Dates: April 20-21
Price: $1000

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Event Spotlight: NCDevCon

When is the event?
NCDevCon is May 22-23. We're hosting the event at the same great facility where we had CFinNC: The College of Textiles on the campus of North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC.

What is so great about the location and area the event is located?
We got a lot of positive feedback last year about the conference venue at the College of Textiles. We are very lucky to have such a great venue at our disposal.

Spring is a great time to visit North Carolina. Average temperatures in May are in the 70's so it's a perfect time for outdoor activities.
Last year at CFinNC it was a bit cool in October. This year hopefully the weather will cooperate and people can mingle outside more. There are several nice outdoor areas surrounding the College of Textiles.

How is this event unique from other events.
It's free and focused on community led sharing by the top minds in the business. NCDevCon is of the people, by the people and for the people.

What are the sessions and format of the event like?
NCDevCon is focused on the Adobe platform stack and general web development. This includes ColdFusion, Flash, Flex, AIR, HTML, CSS, Javascript and web design principles.

How can people follow the event news and details?
We blog and tweet our important updates at http://ncdevcon.com and @ncdevcon.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Event Spotlight: FFK10

We are here with Marc Thiele to talk about the FFK10 conference!

When is the FFK10 event and where?
FFK10 is taking place April 13-16, 2010 in Cologne. We invite the community to the biggest German conference about web technologies and applications for the tenth time already! Again the location is the Komed, a modern media center in the MediaPark Cologne.

What is so special about this conference?
As on many conference one thing is written in big letters: Networking. FFK is a time in the year where you can meet developers and designers in Germany. In Germany does not mean just from Germany. Over the last few years many international attendees have been at FFK thought the main part of the talks is held in German. A few things are really special at FFK. First of all we always give new talented speakers the chance to present their cool stuff. One example of internationally well known speakers is Joa Ebert or André Michelle who both had their first talk on FFK. Another thing we are looking after: Each of the 10 full day workshops has a maximum of 19 attendees. Other than at a few other conferences this guarantees that you as an attendee of the workshop get a real hands on over the day. This year for example we have Joshua Davis and Seb Lee-Delisle amongst the team for the workshops to teach you their tips and tricks.

Tell us about the types of topics and speakers at this event.
The topics vary from Multi Touch to Usability and from Interface Design and Presentation Patterns. Besides technical talks we have inspirational talks and sessions about creative experiments. Where else can you see a speaker controlling his Flash Apps with a water pistol? Speakers this year are for example: Joshua Davis, Joa Ebert, Jesse Freeman, Jens Halm (Spicefactory/Parsley Application Framework), Ralph Hauwert, Serge Jespers, Mario Klingemann, Seb Lee-Delisle, Ulrich Leschak, Johannes Mainusch (Xing), André Michelle, Chris Pelsor, Frank Reitberger and many more. Over the years a lot of well know speakres have been at FFK such as Aral Balkan, Mike Chambers or Hoss Gifford.

How can we follow details on this event?
The FFK10 website at http://ffk10.flashforum.de, or http://twitter.com/flashforum (hashtag #FFK10), or flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/marcthiele/sets/72157623333960062/

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

ACP Spotlight: Cutter Blades

I'm here today with Steve "Cutter" Blades, an new ACP member who specializes in ColdFusion, being an active member of the ColdFusion developer community for almost a decade.

Liz: Hello Cutter! Wait, why do you call yourself Cutter?

Cutter: I was in the Army, going through Russian language training at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA. One of the other guys gave nicknames to the people he liked. My last name is Blades, so...

Liz: I hear you have a book called " Learning Ext JS" and you have a 2nd edition coming out soon. What does it cover?

Cutter: "Learning Ext JS" is the first book to explore development with the ExtJs client-side JavaScript framework.

Liz: How did you get involved in writing about this subject?

Cutter: Several years ago I was looking to update some interfaces in some administrative tools for our clients. They were originally written in what I call "classic" HTML; old tired tables, form posts to update, etc. I had heard that the Yahoo User Interface (YUI) library had a really nice data grid, but when I Googled it I found ExtJs. ExtJs was a branch off of YUI, from one of it's brightest developers (Jack Slocum), and had just gone 1.0. I figured out how to create a paging grid, and in the process I wrote a series of articles on my blog. I continued to work with ExtJs and, several months later, Adobe did a prerelease tour for ColdFusion 8, introducing their CFAjax controls, most of which were based on ExtJs. At that point I stuck with it, knowing they were a great match.

Fast forward to spring 2008, when Packt Publishing was looking for another contributor for "Learning." The primary author had gotten buried in side contracts, and they needed someone to help them finish the book. They found my blog articles and contacted me about the project. "Learning" came out in late November of 2008, and we're currently writing a second edition to cover the great updates they've made to the library.

Liz: I hear you kind of "pushed" ColdFusion into the book. How did that come about?

Cutter: When I started working on the book I had not seen any of the other chapters. The first chapter that I wrote was about working with server-side data. A few months later they're doing the technical review, and I get a call from the publisher, "Why did you use ColdFusion for your examples in the book? All of the other server-side examples use PHP." So I said, "No one told me to use PHP, and I'm a ColdFusion developer, so..." They asked me if I could re-write the examples in PHP, and I told them I couldn't, having never worked with it.

The publisher went back to the primary author, to have him convert my examples. When they sent them back to me, I read over them and found that none of them would work. I studied the PHP site, and figured out and wrote a PHP solution that would mirror the ColdFusion examples. But, it was about 5 times as much code. The publisher finally came back and said, "You know, we're going to use your examples to show that the library can work with any server-side platform." And that's how ColdFusion ended up in the book. The second edition will have even more ColdFusion.

Liz: I also hear you're a singer?

Cutter: Since I was five. I became a karaoke junkie in the 90's, which is how I eventually met my wife. When I was the IT director for Seacrets, me and a few of the guys put together a band to sing the employee Christmas parties for a couple of years (which you must do well for a crew that sees four bands a day during the summer). My grandmother keeps telling me to ditch this programming thing and make a living singing the Blues.

Steve "Cutter" Blades
Adobe Community Professional - ColdFusion Adobe Certified Professional
Advanced Macromedia ColdFusion MX 7 Developer

Co-Author of "Learning Ext JS"

FITC Awards 2010

It is here! Submit by March 1st!!!!

There are some categories for Canadians and then all other categories.

Submissions are only 40$ CDN per entry.

Flash Visual Design
Experimental Flash
Flash Game
Audio in Flash
Flash Narrative
Flash Motion Graphics
Flash Usability
Flash Animation
Technical Excellence in Flash
Flash Advertisement
Flash 3D
Flash Self-Promotion

All sites must have been launched online after April 1st, 2009.

All sites must be online. No offline projects will be considered.

More details:

Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow White doesn't want this Apple either

I <3 Apple but some apples are rotten.

I dream about a device I can have fun with, go to conferences with, do presentations with, use on the plane, and have in the kitchen while I cook. I love my iPod but it is so small. I love my laptop, but it is so heavy to lug around and carry cords for and well it’s for work really.

I wanted an item that had great graphics where I could watch movies, listen to music, and browse the Internet… ALL of the INTERNET.

AND if I don’t want to open a browser there is this thing call AIR. It is awesome actually. Has whole bunch of really great apps with almost no boundaries. True innovation. And you don’t need approval from an app store to publish it.

And we all know that Adobe has reached out to Apple and has clearly stated the intent to enable open access to Flash content and applications on all devices. There is <3 for Adobe Indesign but not Flash? Does it have to have the name iFlash to qualify?

Adobe is happy the iBooks supports the ePub standard which is supported as an output format in Adobe Indesign. I have a suspicious feeling someone got burned using Flash a long time ago. And some how just bitter. But things are changing! Flash says "Watch me now!"


Is it just that Apple wants to control their users? And I get it, it is about making money.
But they need to remember that they are Apple. People love their product. It is the experience, not the cost if you have the money to invest in it. Obviously anyone who is getting an iPad is buying it for the experience and doesn’t necessarily need an iPad. So how does locking down viewable content make them lose money? You would sell more units if it was Flash enabled. Am I crazy?

Could you answer these questions for me below or feel free to link back to your blog in my comments section.

- What is your wish list for the next version of iPad?
- Have you thought of when/where you would use it?
- As an Adobe Product developer, do you see your clients wanting to develop more apps for the iPad?
- What impression did this make on different age groups?
- How does it make you feel as a member of a large population of developers who are respected in the industry, being denied the ability to show off your skills and creativity?

The good thing is, you can’t build something great without someone trying it out first. Apple tried to make something that appealed to a large audience. I imagine in the future there will be changes and new accessories. So lets prepare for the future of products like these. What are the uses for an item like this if the sky was the limit? Think of teachers, students, movie directors, hospitals, etc. What could be done with augmented reality, interactive forms, movie editing, visual data, etc. Once the time comes and someone makes a good decision for change, you have to be ready. (I know, you were hoping the time was now, patience…. but make sure you voice your opinion now!)

P.S.- Snow White is looking for her prince charming, it isn't SJ.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ACP Spotlight: Joyce Evans

I'm here today with Joyce Evans, an ACP member since 2006 who specializes in Fireworks.

Liz: Hello Joyce! I checked out your new site http://www.tutorials2go.com/ What is the purpose of this site and who does it help?

Joyce: Hi Liz! It's a resource for people who want to learn how to use some of the top Adobe software. My contributions to the site are primarily Fireworks and Dreamweaver. I haven't added a lot recently but I'm back at it and new tutorials will be showing up on a regular basis. This week I've added 5 new Fireworks CS4 tutorials.

The site helps anyone who wants to learn quickly and visually how to perform certain tasks. Based on the emails I receive, the most common type of visitors are the new designers to be:-)

Liz: I see you've written several books on the subject. Can you tell me about some of the more popular books and why other should check them out?

Joyce: The books are outdated now but I know a lot of people still have or purchase older versions. My best books are Dreamweaver Complete Course MX 2004 and Fireworks Zero To Hero MX 2004. Most of the Fireworks book is still applicable in versions CS3 and CS4. I've turned to recording instead of writing. If I spare time from work (my design business has been good), I'll do another CD. My favorite way o teach is by having a finished project when you are done. For instance, in the Dreamweaver Complete Course book and my CD (Web Page In A Day!) the user ends up with a completed website pr page.

Liz: Is there anything you'd like to share with our readers?

Joyce: The major thing I'd like users to know is that the older tutorials for Fireworks (and there are a lot of them) still work in even version CS4. Of course the panels may look different and there are new features. But to learn how to use the basic tools, they are virtually the same. Also, FIREWORKS ROCKS!! It is the best imaging software for the web, hands down!! The newer versions, CS3 and CS4 are really great as a comping tool to show working site samples to clients. Well I could go on and on so I'll close with, "If you need help in Fireworks, be sure to check out the Adobe Fireworks forum".

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ACP Spotlight: RIA Radio

Check out my ACP friends at RIA Radio.

RIA Radio is a weekly podcast presented by InsideRIA as an open discussion with guests from the community covering upcoming news and current best practices. It is hosted by Garth Braithwaite and a panel of experts comprised of Stacey Mulcahy, Zach Stepek, and Leif Wells.

Sample of recent and upcoming shows:
Chuck Freedman, Evangelist for litl http://bit.ly/8DNEwO (Last Friday)
Shaun Smith and Joel Hooks on RobotLegs (released previously)
Branden Hall and Joshua Davis on HYPE (released next week)
Jesse Warden on whatever it is he does (released in 2 weeks)

Make sure you subscribe to their Podcast at http://RIARadio.com

More Spotlights on Adobe Community Professionals coming soon!

Monday, January 18, 2010

New ACPs for 2010

Congrats to all the ACP members for 2010!

This year is going to rock! I'm looking forward to more participation on blogs, forums, twitter, podcasts, conferences, UG visits, articles, books, etc. We have 300 members this year! OMG, that's too much! So this means you have to ROCK 2010 and prove to me that you deserve this!
For those of you who didn't make it in, I really appreciate you too. I can still be a resource for you in the community and help you get connected with other Professionals to see what it takes to be a part of this program. Thanks for everything and good luck in 2011.

Here is the list of Adobe Community Professionals 2010. If you didn't get an email, contact me please!

NEW Dave Austin Acrobat
donna baker Acrobat
Douglas Hanna Acrobat
NEW Duff Johnson Acrobat
Lori Kassuba Acrobat
Michael Kazlow Acrobat
NEW Dave Merchant Acrobat
Dimitri Munkirs Acrobat
Thom Parker Acrobat
Lutz Albrecht AfterEffects
Alex Czetwertynski AfterEffects
Jonas Hummelstrand AfterEffects
NEW Jorge Mochon AfterEffects

Elaine Montoya AfterEffects
NEW J Schuh AfterEffects
Andrew Yoole AfterEffects
NEW Jason Benson AIR
NEW Mads Djurhuus AIR
NEW Nick Kwiatkowski AIR
NEW John Mason AIR
Andrew Muller AIR
NEW Hasan Otuome AIR
Charles Parcell AIR
NEW Cesare Rocchi AIR
NEW Lauro Santos AIR
David Tucker AIR
James Whittaker AIR
Michael Baker Authorware
Paul Dewhurst Captivate
Mark Fletcher Captivate
NEW Lisa Heselton Captivate
Steve Howard Captivate
Erik Lord Captivate
Rick Stone Captivate
NEW Andy Allan ColdFusion
Charles Arehart ColdFusion
NEW Cutter Blades ColdFusion
Geoffrey Bowers ColdFusion
Rob Brooks-Bilson ColdFusion
NEW Mike Brunt ColdFusion
Raymond Camden ColdFusion
NEW Michael Chandler ColdFusion
NEW Pedro Claudio ColdFusion
NEW Jeff Coughlin ColdFusion
NEW Joshua Cyr ColdFusion
NEW Jason Dean ColdFusion
Tom de Manicor ColdFusion
NEW Steven Erat ColdFusion
NEW Marc Esher ColdFusion
NEW Sam Farmer ColdFusion
NEW Dave Ferguson ColdFusion
Simon Free ColdFusion
NEW Matt Gifford ColdFusion
NEW Charlie Griefer ColdFusion
Cyril Hanquez ColdFusion
Paul Hastings ColdFusion
NEW Mike Henke ColdFusion
NEW Russ Johnson ColdFusion
NEW Kai Koenig ColdFusion
Brian Kotek ColdFusion
Mark Mandel ColdFusion
Kevin McCabe ColdFusion
Brian Meloche ColdFusion
Nathan Mische ColdFusion
Ben Nadel ColdFusion
Mike Nimer ColdFusion
Francisco Paulino ColdFusion
NEW Adam Presley ColdFusion
NEW Nikklas Richardson ColdFusion
Brian Rinaldi ColdFusion
Joe Rinehart ColdFusion
Steve Rittler ColdFusion
Jared Rypka-Hauer ColdFusion
Kevin Schmidt ColdFusion
Todd Sharp ColdFusion
NEW Bill Shelton ColdFusion
Daniel Short ColdFusion
NEW Ryan Stille ColdFusion
NEW Scott Stroz ColdFusion
NEW Adam Tuttle ColdFusion
Jochem van Dieten ColdFusion
NEW Dan Vega ColdFusion
Andrea Veggiani ColdFusion
Dave Watts ColdFusion
Aaron West ColdFusion
Dan Wilson ColdFusion
NEW Sana Ullah ColdFusion
Adam Bell Creative Suite
NEW Kajorn Bhirakit Creative Suite
NEW Alison Cattelona Creative Suite
Scott Citron Creative Suite
April Clark Creative Suite
Tom Green Creative Suite
Randy Hagan Creative Suite
John Head Creative Suite
Robert Hoekman, Jr Creative Suite
Lynette Kent Creative Suite
Dorothy Krause Creative Suite
James Lockman Creative Suite
Jesse Rodgers Creative Suite
Dee Sadler Creative Suite
Patti Sokol Creative Suite
Paul Trani Creative Suite
Pawel Zakrzewski Creative Suite
Mark Bloomfield Dreamweaver
Laurie Casolino Dreamweaver
Danilo Celic Dreamweaver
Lawrence Cramer Dreamweaver
Kenneth Ford Dreamweaver
Nancy Gill Dreamweaver
Kirsten Hoyt Dreamweaver
Rob Huddleston Dreamweaver
Juan A. Jimenez Lopez Dreamweaver
Thierry Koblentz Dreamweaver
Brad Lawryk Dreamweaver
Joseph Lowery Dreamweaver
NEW Beth Marshall Dreamweaver
Tom Muck Dreamweaver
Nadia Perre Dreamweaver
David Powers Dreamweaver
Günter Schenk Dreamweaver
Stephanie Sullivan Dreamweaver
Murray Summers Dreamweaver
Roman Villarreal Dreamweaver
Jim Babbage Fireworks
Christian Baptiste Fireworks
Joyce Evans Fireworks
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Adobe Community Professionals

Starting today, the Adobe Community Experts program has a new name: the Adobe Community Professionals.

The program was rebranded because the term “ACE” and “Experts” has been elected by Adobe to identifying only members of the Adobe Certified Experts program.
This group will be represented worldwide and they are recognized as leaders in the community. 2010’s list of Professionals will be announced soon and we are excited to add new members to the program who will empower the community about all of our amazing Adobe products!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Event Spotlight: FITC Toronto

Adobe Sponsors several Community Events world-wide. Here is an interview with Shawn Pucknell from FITC Toronto!

Liz: What city is the event held and what so great about it?
Shawn: FITC Toronto started in 2002 and has continued to grow: this is our 9th year and we expect it to be an amazing event that will sell out. Toronto is a fantastic City...metropolitan and vibrant, but still safe and clean for the most part! People are friendly, and spring should be perfect weather.

Liz: What makes your event unique?
Shawn: It starts with the presentations. Two solidly packed days of presentations, both technical and creative. Presenters from around the world have been hand picked for their skill and talent, and all are eager to share and meet you. Most times, you will have 4 different presentations to choose from. It's also about the networking. Being able to meet and talk to people who share your passion for this industry. Meet them at the presentations, in the exhibitor hall, or at one of the evening parties. Did we mention the parties? We don't mean to toot our own horn, but FITC parties are legendary. Not that you should come just for the parties. But you could. If you really wanted to. We wouldn't tell anyone.

Liz: How much does it cost?
Shawn: FITC Toronto 2010 festival tickets are 499 CDN until Jan 15th, at which point they go up to $599 CDN. We pride ourselves on still being one of the lowest priced Flash conferences around.

Liz: Can you tell us about some of your speakers?
Shawn: Some of the most well respected people and companies in the industry:
Colin Moock, Jim Corbett , Brendan Dawes, Joa Ebert, North Kingdom, Lee Brimelow, Ralph Hauwert, Scott Hansen, Mario Klingemann, Big Spaceship, Firstborn, Andre Michelle, Stacey Mulcahy, James Paterson (presstube), Keith Peters, Grant Skinner, plus many more!

Liz: How can we follow the event?
Shawn: You can follow through fitc.ca, or at twitter.com/fitc or at http://www.facebook.com/fitcevents

Liz: This looks like a fantastic event! Early bird price ends this FRIDAY (1/15/2010) so hurry!!! And what a great line up of speakers too!