Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Event Spotlight: cf.Objective() Pre-conference Workshops

Liz: When is this event?
The pre-conference workshops run on the two days leading up to
cf.Objective(), namely April 20 - 21, 2010.

Liz: What makes your event unique?
There has been a long-standing tradition of offering training prior to cf.Objective(), but never before have so many options been made available. This year there are six workshops covering such diverse topics as ColdFusion's new ORM features, Web application security, MVC frameworks, Flex/AIR development and Mura CMS. These workshops are being led by
leaders in the ColdFusion community, many of whom are authors of and contributors to major ColdFusion open source projects.

Liz: How much does it cost?
Each workshop is priced uniquely. Cost information is provided with each course's description. Please note that some courses had an early-bird discount which has now been turned into a permanent discount.

Liz: Can you tell us about your speakers and sessions?
Here is a brief summary of each session:


Developing Applications with ColdFusion 9 Object Relational Mapping
with Mark Mandel and Bob Silverberg

This comprehensive two-day workshop will cover what you need to know to get up and running using ColdFusion 9's ORM features in your next project. Through interactive learning and hands-on labs, we'll start with the basics, continuing through building two complete working applications. Along the way we'll discuss best practices and potential pitfalls of this powerful new technology. The majority of the class will be spent with you writing code on your own workstation, so not only will you absorb more through "learning by doing", but you'll also go home with plenty of working code examples that you can bring into your future projects.

For more details, visit www.ColdFusionOrmTraining.com

Dates: April 20-21
Price: $1000


  1. Since the other training descriptions are not listed you should head of to this link to read them.


    There will be:
    Getting Started with Flex and AIR Development with the Flex SDK (April 21)

    Programmers Guide to Mura CMS (April 21)

    Rapid Development with Model-Glue 3 (April 20-21)

    Building Secure CFML Applications (April 21)

    Coldbox:100 Training (April 21)