Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ACPs know something you don't know!

Follow what the Adobe Community Professionals have to say on Twitter #adobeCP #csbuzz to find out! What will they tell you? When will they tell you? Who knows!

You've probably seen some of this at SXSW and on Twitter recently but what is really going on?

I guarantee you something is coming soon! http://csbuzz.adobe.com/

*Who's in these photos? http://www.adobe.com/communities/professionals/
James Lockman, Liz Frederick, Marlon Ceballos, April Clark, Peter Andreas Moelgaard, Andrea Trento, Jean-Claude Tremblay, Stephanie Sullivan, Steve Howard, Edgar Parrada, Kevin Stohlmeyer, George Iosif, Kajorn Bhirakit, Dee Sadler


  1. I own a copy of Photoshop CS because I can't afford the sweet CS4.
    Is Photoshop CS obsolete within in the design world? By being very adept at CS, will learning CS4 be a breeze?

  2. TBH, ACPs only knew something people without a calendar didn't know... but hey, cool stuff

  3. @Anonymous

    CS is just old, not obsolete. Upgrade to CS4 or CS5 and get heaps of great new features.

    Maybe you will see insane majic like this http://bit.ly/arMxOx

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