Thursday, March 18, 2010

Event Spotlight: Capital Flash Camp

Spotlight Interview: Capital Flash Camp

We are here with Andrew Powell from Universal Mind to talk about UM’s series fo Flash Camps nation wide. Today we are talking about the Flash Camp coming to Washington DC on April 16th, 2010.

Liz: I’m very excited about this event, especially because DC is home to me. But I’d like to know why UM decided to host this event here.

Andy: A few reasons. First, we know that Adobe has a strong presence here in the DC area. Along with that strong presence is a strong community around the Flash Platform. We figured that those two things would combine to make this a prime location to host a Flash Camp. Secondly, we've felt that there is a real void in servicing the flex community in the DC area. Lately, there haven't been very many events in the local area catering to and just focusing on people building for the Flash Platform. Universal Mind thinks that DC is primed and ready for a great event that will bring the Flex community in the DC area together. Bringing the community together is precisely the goal we have in mind when we put on a Flash Camp event.

Liz: When is the event and how much does it cost?

Andy: The event is April 16th at the Navy Heritage Center (located at the Archives/Navy Memorial metro stop). The cost of admission varies. If you register yourself online now, the cost is $54.99, day of registration is $59.99. If you're bringing multiple members of your team (at least 3), we'll drop the admission price to $44.99 per person. We think that this price is really a bargain for the amount of content that is delivered. We're giving you 8 sessions that are from industry experts you would see at other high-end conferences. It's really a value that we think is hard to pass up.

Liz: What kind of topics can attendees look forward to?

Andy: The topics we have range from entry-level Flex topics to User Experience topics that are non-technical. Our goal in creating the schedule is to make sure we have something for everyone. A developer can take just as much away from these events as a manager can take away, but at the end of the day, neither will feel short-changed. We also strive to have a good balance of local speakers and speakers that are brought in from outside the community. We feel this gives attendees the opportunity to connect with local resources as well as see some speakers and topics that they would not normally get a chance to see.

Liz: I’m looking forward to it and I imagine we’ll do some Capital Bar hopping afterwards as well?

Andy: Actually, one of the best parts of the Flash Camp events we've hosted in the past is the networking that occurs afterwards. We've actually seen people get hired by local firms from the networking that has occurred after the events. So it's fun and beneficial!

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