Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow White doesn't want this Apple either

I <3 Apple but some apples are rotten.

I dream about a device I can have fun with, go to conferences with, do presentations with, use on the plane, and have in the kitchen while I cook. I love my iPod but it is so small. I love my laptop, but it is so heavy to lug around and carry cords for and well it’s for work really.

I wanted an item that had great graphics where I could watch movies, listen to music, and browse the Internet… ALL of the INTERNET.

AND if I don’t want to open a browser there is this thing call AIR. It is awesome actually. Has whole bunch of really great apps with almost no boundaries. True innovation. And you don’t need approval from an app store to publish it.

And we all know that Adobe has reached out to Apple and has clearly stated the intent to enable open access to Flash content and applications on all devices. There is <3 for Adobe Indesign but not Flash? Does it have to have the name iFlash to qualify?

Adobe is happy the iBooks supports the ePub standard which is supported as an output format in Adobe Indesign. I have a suspicious feeling someone got burned using Flash a long time ago. And some how just bitter. But things are changing! Flash says "Watch me now!"


Is it just that Apple wants to control their users? And I get it, it is about making money.
But they need to remember that they are Apple. People love their product. It is the experience, not the cost if you have the money to invest in it. Obviously anyone who is getting an iPad is buying it for the experience and doesn’t necessarily need an iPad. So how does locking down viewable content make them lose money? You would sell more units if it was Flash enabled. Am I crazy?

Could you answer these questions for me below or feel free to link back to your blog in my comments section.

- What is your wish list for the next version of iPad?
- Have you thought of when/where you would use it?
- As an Adobe Product developer, do you see your clients wanting to develop more apps for the iPad?
- What impression did this make on different age groups?
- How does it make you feel as a member of a large population of developers who are respected in the industry, being denied the ability to show off your skills and creativity?

The good thing is, you can’t build something great without someone trying it out first. Apple tried to make something that appealed to a large audience. I imagine in the future there will be changes and new accessories. So lets prepare for the future of products like these. What are the uses for an item like this if the sky was the limit? Think of teachers, students, movie directors, hospitals, etc. What could be done with augmented reality, interactive forms, movie editing, visual data, etc. Once the time comes and someone makes a good decision for change, you have to be ready. (I know, you were hoping the time was now, patience…. but make sure you voice your opinion now!)

P.S.- Snow White is looking for her prince charming, it isn't SJ.


  1. After reading about all the Apple iPad stuff, I found it quite enjoyable to lay back with my Windows 7 Tablet PC and flick through some websites with the touch screen, watch some embedded Flash videos, look through some books in the Kindle software, play some music off of a network drive, and sort through some photos using Adobe Bridge CS4.

  2. Lack of Flash and multitasking will be a deal killer on this device, IMO. Aside from any other issues, those two alone preclude the iPad from being a true netbook competitor. As to the issue with Flash itself, it's pretty clear that it's all about control. Once Flash is available on the iPhone/iPad, there's no need to surrender to the App store process to get an app on the device. That is a train that Apple never wants to see stop running, and the main reason why I doubt you'll ever see Flash on either device.

  3. The iPad could have been a homerun, but without Verizon as a carrier and basically creating just a large iPhone they fell way short.

  4. I was wayyyyy excited for "Apple's approach to tablets". I figured if it took them THIS long ( HP and Dell have had multitouch on desktops and laptops for quite a while ), they must've been working on something special, or at least a new approach. I was expecting it to use voice in unison with touch. With how phenomenal Dragon Naturally Speaking is for Windows nowadays, I'd expected Apple to try to follow suit, and a new tablet would've been the perfect opportunity.

    I've never been able to take OS X seriously as a desktop or laptop operating system, but buy pretty much every new device Apple comes out with and use them just long enough to start feeling the usability deficit of not being on Windows. Just in case they decide to finally deliver on some of the hype and claims they've been making for years, because that would be awesome. That said, Apple's greatest/only strength ( besides some really adorable icons and the ability to very rarely get called on its incessant false advertising ) is its hardware design and the form factors it achieves. That's what I was looking for in a state-of-the-art MID. A super thin and light form factor, with a new interaction paradigm. That's why I was excited for the iPad.

    But give me a MF break. The iPhone OS? I threw up in my mouth when I saw that. The iPhone OS works because of the human thumb, and nothing else. How can a grown up person not rip their own hair out trying to use a large, "full-featured" device in 2010 that can only run one application at a time? THAT IS EMBARRASSING. The Palm Pre can run more than 50 at once and it fits in my pocket!!! Add to that the fact that it's blatantly anti-competition with the lack of Flash, and the iPad is the first new Apple device that I probably won't be buying, even to try out ( unless some way to flash it with Windows 7 or WebOS comes out, in which case I may give in and replace my XT2 ).

    Anyway, the iPad is monumentally disappointing. I was so ready for anything new. But I got an oversized iPhone that can't make phone calls, can't play the majority of web video I'd want to watch on it, is ridiculously difficult to enter text on, and probably only gets around 5 hours of battery life. Thanks Apple. For making goal #1 to sodomize customers' wallets, and #2 to worry about what you're selling them.

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