Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ACP Spotlight: RIA Radio

Check out my ACP friends at RIA Radio.

RIA Radio is a weekly podcast presented by InsideRIA as an open discussion with guests from the community covering upcoming news and current best practices. It is hosted by Garth Braithwaite and a panel of experts comprised of Stacey Mulcahy, Zach Stepek, and Leif Wells.

Sample of recent and upcoming shows:
Chuck Freedman, Evangelist for litl http://bit.ly/8DNEwO (Last Friday)
Shaun Smith and Joel Hooks on RobotLegs (released previously)
Branden Hall and Joshua Davis on HYPE (released next week)
Jesse Warden on whatever it is he does (released in 2 weeks)

Make sure you subscribe to their Podcast at http://RIARadio.com

More Spotlights on Adobe Community Professionals coming soon!


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