Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ACP Spotlight: Joyce Evans

I'm here today with Joyce Evans, an ACP member since 2006 who specializes in Fireworks.

Liz: Hello Joyce! I checked out your new site What is the purpose of this site and who does it help?

Joyce: Hi Liz! It's a resource for people who want to learn how to use some of the top Adobe software. My contributions to the site are primarily Fireworks and Dreamweaver. I haven't added a lot recently but I'm back at it and new tutorials will be showing up on a regular basis. This week I've added 5 new Fireworks CS4 tutorials.

The site helps anyone who wants to learn quickly and visually how to perform certain tasks. Based on the emails I receive, the most common type of visitors are the new designers to be:-)

Liz: I see you've written several books on the subject. Can you tell me about some of the more popular books and why other should check them out?

Joyce: The books are outdated now but I know a lot of people still have or purchase older versions. My best books are Dreamweaver Complete Course MX 2004 and Fireworks Zero To Hero MX 2004. Most of the Fireworks book is still applicable in versions CS3 and CS4. I've turned to recording instead of writing. If I spare time from work (my design business has been good), I'll do another CD. My favorite way o teach is by having a finished project when you are done. For instance, in the Dreamweaver Complete Course book and my CD (Web Page In A Day!) the user ends up with a completed website pr page.

Liz: Is there anything you'd like to share with our readers?

Joyce: The major thing I'd like users to know is that the older tutorials for Fireworks (and there are a lot of them) still work in even version CS4. Of course the panels may look different and there are new features. But to learn how to use the basic tools, they are virtually the same. Also, FIREWORKS ROCKS!! It is the best imaging software for the web, hands down!! The newer versions, CS3 and CS4 are really great as a comping tool to show working site samples to clients. Well I could go on and on so I'll close with, "If you need help in Fireworks, be sure to check out the Adobe Fireworks forum".

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