Friday, February 26, 2010

Event Spotlight: FFK10

We are here with Marc Thiele to talk about the FFK10 conference!

When is the FFK10 event and where?
FFK10 is taking place April 13-16, 2010 in Cologne. We invite the community to the biggest German conference about web technologies and applications for the tenth time already! Again the location is the Komed, a modern media center in the MediaPark Cologne.

What is so special about this conference?
As on many conference one thing is written in big letters: Networking. FFK is a time in the year where you can meet developers and designers in Germany. In Germany does not mean just from Germany. Over the last few years many international attendees have been at FFK thought the main part of the talks is held in German. A few things are really special at FFK. First of all we always give new talented speakers the chance to present their cool stuff. One example of internationally well known speakers is Joa Ebert or André Michelle who both had their first talk on FFK. Another thing we are looking after: Each of the 10 full day workshops has a maximum of 19 attendees. Other than at a few other conferences this guarantees that you as an attendee of the workshop get a real hands on over the day. This year for example we have Joshua Davis and Seb Lee-Delisle amongst the team for the workshops to teach you their tips and tricks.

Tell us about the types of topics and speakers at this event.
The topics vary from Multi Touch to Usability and from Interface Design and Presentation Patterns. Besides technical talks we have inspirational talks and sessions about creative experiments. Where else can you see a speaker controlling his Flash Apps with a water pistol? Speakers this year are for example: Joshua Davis, Joa Ebert, Jesse Freeman, Jens Halm (Spicefactory/Parsley Application Framework), Ralph Hauwert, Serge Jespers, Mario Klingemann, Seb Lee-Delisle, Ulrich Leschak, Johannes Mainusch (Xing), André Michelle, Chris Pelsor, Frank Reitberger and many more. Over the years a lot of well know speakres have been at FFK such as Aral Balkan, Mike Chambers or Hoss Gifford.

How can we follow details on this event?
The FFK10 website at, or (hashtag #FFK10), or flickr

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