Thursday, December 3, 2009

Event Spotlight: 360|Flex

Adobe sponsors community run events all over the world. Here is a spotlight on one of those events.

Here is my interview with John Wilker from 360|Flex

Liz: When is your event?
John: March 7-10, 2010

Liz: What city is the event held and what so great about it?
John: San Jose CA. It's the home of Adobe, and the Silicon Valley. No great concentration of geek and nerd kind available.

Liz: What makes your event unique?
John: Only event completely, 100% no doubt about it, focused on Flex/AIR and ActionScript.

Liz: How much does it cost?
John: $599

Liz: What are some of the things people have said about the event?
John: Here are a few quotes.

"Two of our team attended 360 events last year (both San Jose and Seattle), and we are bringing 4 this year, as you guys by far have the best Flex conference, and you are a real bargin compared to the other guys... looking forward to it!"

"Here’s what I love about the 360Flex conferences: even if you didn’t attend a single session it’s worth the time and money to attend. The conversations with other developers in the hallways, at lunch/dinner, at the bars in the evenings is just as educational and of course more fun"

"So do yourself a favor and head to 360Flex in February. Whether you’re a Flex n00b, novice or ninja it will be worth your time and your career will probably thank you for it."

Liz: Can you tell us about some of your speakers?
John: We've got 40 of the best developers in the community including Adobe engineers.
Deepa Subramanian, Michael Labriola, Ben Stucki, Tom Gonzalez, Andrew Powell, the list goes on.

Liz: Anything special happening this year?
John: Oh yeah San Jose is gonna be awesome because - beep - beep - and - beep - beep - beep -

Liz: Who are the organizers?
John: 360|Conferences AKA John and Nicole Wilker and Tom Ortega

Liz: How can we follow the event?
John: Twitter @360flex
You can sign up for the newsletter on the website.

Liz: Well it sounds like a great event. I hope everyone decides to go! Sign up today!

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