Monday, October 12, 2009

MAX from the other side

What just happened?

Another Adobe MAX came and went. But it made a huge impact. I’ve worked events before, I’ve networked with others, and I’ve learned new information at conferences in the past. MAX was different for me this year. Joining the Community Team has been an honor. Mainly because my team is amazing and the community is way cool.

Seeing things from the other side isn’t all that different. We are just as amazed as everyone else how everything gets pulled together. Difference is I was much calmer and ready to call to action from my people. It was smooth and a completely rewarding experience.

I sat at the booth Monday morning armed with stickers and notebooks. Ready to smile and represent a company I love. I let conversation flow naturally of course. But after the first few seconds I realized the mission. The community needs to grow! Connecting with one another doesn’t just stop after MAX ends. I wanted everyone to know about the Groups site and what Adobe has done to keep the community connected. I was excited when people found their local user group online for the first time. It was the best feeling all week.

I met a ton of Experts who liked my ideas and who gave me some great feedback.

Here are some of the wants from Experts:

  • To be rebranded (with an awesome acronym of course)
  • A clear definition of who the Experts are
  • To be better connected with Adobe product managers
  • To be better utilized
  • Know when there are opportunities to speak in the community
  • Would like to put presentations on AdobeTV or somewhere unified to show case

And there is a whole lot more.

I have ideas that I shared with the Experts as well. Some involved my idea for creating a useful tool. --I can’t tell you more than that. I have ideas for increasing presence and creating a well-defined identity for the Experts. Also, we need better expectations for Experts.

I will be announcing the Expert program changes and 2010 application on my blog as well as throughout the forums and other lists.

I’m extremely excited to get started on all this. I don’t like to sit on a good idea as many people know. I want to motivate and challenge everyone around me.

What MAX taught me is that creative out-of-the-box ideas can come true.

The only complaint about Adobe MAX is that I didn’t get one of those fresh baked cookies. I was already too stuffed! Thank you Adobe for taking such good care of everyone. You really do care about this community and creating so many opportunities for everyone.

Highlights (and YES I remember everything):

  • Buttons, lots of buttons
  • Late night chatter
  • My visit to Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd
  • Keynotes
  • John Mayer and Mark Hamill
  • The day two evening event rocked
  • Chatting with Dee Sadler and some of the well known Experts
  • Music and Food – all wonderful
  • My picture with Kevin Lynch and Ben Forta!
  • Wearing my NDA shirt and seeing Eddie laugh
  • Eating CF cake
  • Kicking off the festivities with the Romanians and friends Saturday night
  • Seeing Rachel work the floor
  • Preview of Avatar
  • Watching John chat with our overseas guests
  • Seeing the relief on Stacy’s face when recordings did well

I was so sad to go back east after such an amazing week but it is good to know that 2010 is going to rock!

Here are some great pictures from myself and other community peeps. Thanks!


  1. Liz,

    It was great to meet you at MAX. Sounds like you have your work cut out for you -- enjoy! It will be fun to see how the Adobe community grows as we get the tools.

    Thanks to you, Stacy, Rachel, Ed, John, and the team. MAX was great and I'm already looking forward to next year!

    Buck Sommerkamp

  2. I'm sure you will make a lasting impression on all of us!

    Looking forward to seeing what you do!

  3. It was really great to finally meet you at MAX! I hope that we will have many other occasions (in Europe maybe?)... really looking forward what you will do with the Experts program.

    Take care,

  4. I'm flattered that the cake made the list :)